Tilly is a published Children’s Photographer with a unique ability to truly engage with children. Her work is displayed alongside five star reviews in Harper's Bazaar, Tatler and Country & Town House and can be seen alongside names such as Baby London, Ivy Magazine and Marie Chantel.


The combination of her real love of children and passion for photography enables her to engage with children on set leading to those natural delicate shots you see all over her website. Tilly explains "it's about not expecting a child to perform, it's about having a gentle approach to working with them which enables them to thrive in the environment you have created." Her shoots aren’t about telling a child to smile, they’re about setting that giggly but calm tone which leads to naturally unscripted moments that people so strongly connect with when they see her work.


She spent 5 years refining her ability to photograph children whist working as Studio Director & Lead Photographer for Nousha Photography. Her time at Nousha led to her successfully managing fast paced teams whilst consistently producing photographs once described as “a piece of art for the wall” by Mariella Tandy who was Executive Fashion and Retail Editor for Tatler UK at the time. Using this as a base to then go on and develop her own business as a Children’s Fashion and Headshot Photographer has led to her “making waves*” within the industry and building a name that is already being recognised as someone to work with.


Tilly is self-represented and works between Vancouver and London. Enquire about her availability:


*written by Emma Alexander - Motherbran when showcasing Tilly’s work on her platform.