A note from Tilly;


 "If you work with me you’ll notice my call sheet notes say a lot about a calm quiet environment to shoot in. This isn’t for me, I can be loud, I can have patience with shouting children - this is for the kids. If you want a case study for how I work, here you are.


We had quiet studio with everyone on the team picked because of their gentle nature. Waiting parents and babies were sat away from the set so no noises would distract those we were photographing. The babies arrived to a safe environment where there was nothing to put them on edge. When we needed them changed, the mums changed them, when we needed them on set the mum gently brought them into position and laid them in place before slowly edging away. 


You can see all of this reflected in the way the babies are looking at me in the shots, a gentle soft expression which is exactly what we wanted."