A note from Tilly;


"Combine a beautiful clothing brand with a talented stylist/set designer, add me into the mix and you get a shoot like this. 


The set took 2 hours to build, each piece of greenery was attached by hand and we knew the detail in every piece of clothing that needed to be photographed in front of it.


Our gorgeous little boy model Mason had a gentle nature and so I knew very quickly in order to get the shoot started and him warmed up I’d have to inject energy into the shoot in a way that wasn’t overwhelming. 

I decided to use Channan (girl model) who was bubbling with confidence to show him what I was after. Using her to spin and play in the set with Mason allowed him to feel excited by what he could do. As I subtly moved a giggling Channan to the side of the set I had Mason calm but with that twinkle in his eye meaning I could start photographing his individual looks within 5 minutes of starting. We then rotated between combined shots and individual ensuring the energy in the room remained the same.


I make a point at the beginning of the shoot to meet each child for even just a minute beforehand which allows me to instantly recognise the children’s characters and how I should approach the shoot. With experience of photographing over a thousand children in the last four years I am able me to navigate how to get the most out of a shoot before anyone else has even realised what I’m doing. "