Joy For Children & Communities

In September 19 I travelled to Kampala, Uganda to work with an NGO, Joy For Children and Communities.⁠ ⁠The charity focuses on development projects that empower and provide for some of the most disadvantaged people in the poorest⁠ areas of Kampala and I had the pleasure of being alongside the team and photographing the work that they do.  

There's a beautiful quote from the founder of the charity, “if you empower a woman, you don't just empower that woman, you empower the family and you change the culture of the children." And it's so visible in the work that the charity has done, these women are so amazing and one little paragraph about these photos can't even scratch the surface of what I want to say.⁠ ⁠I urge you to go and read about the women’s meetings initiated by Joy for Children and Communities. At the beginning only 15 women met together, now the charity is in touch with over 300 women. Individuals have successfully started their own businesses after being a part of the training programmes run by the charity leading to women transforming in confidence and happiness. Bringing these women together has provided a community and support network and it is the community-led based work of JFCC that has enabled all of the above to happen.⁠ 

Another side to the charity is the Disabilities projects, in Uganda it is estimated that 7.2% of the population are living with a disability and 30% of those are children. People with a disability face stigma and discrimination and so by  the team showing love and being alongside these families, community perspectives have begun to change. There's something so powerful about being alongside people, I didn't go out there to make any changes or "fix" a problem, and that's what the charity does so beautifully. Joy for Children empowers the women and the women are changing their lives.